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Stanwell are probably the most famous Danish brand of pipes. Stanwell is renowned for producing high quality pipes at a fair price. Stanwell is a cornerstone of Danish pipe making.

Stanwell De-Luxe Brown Pipe Shape 32 Stanwell De-Luxe Brown Pipe Shape 32
A short straight non filter Bulldog pipe with a smooth brown finish.
Dimensions: Medium capacity bowl with an Inner diamater of 18mm, bowl height 45mm, approx. 13.5cm in length. Weighs approx. 40g.
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Price: 59.99 ($84.28) (Including VAT at 20%)


Stanwell Pipe Night and Day 118 Stanwell Pipe Night and Day 118
A 9mm filter semi-bent pipe with a two tone finish and an acrylic mouthpiece with a wide bit measuring just over 1.5cm.
Dark brown polished pipe with lighter wood trim around the top of bowl and shank, medium to large capacity bowl pipe. Weighs 45g, Inner bowl width 21mm, Outer Bowl height 40mm. 14cm long
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Price: 74.99 ($105.35) (Including VAT at 20%)

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